Our Story

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Who We Are
We are a small family-run business based in Perthshire, Scotland who take great time and effort to serve you your perfect Scottish Crafted Gin and Tonic.

How It All Began
Gin and Tonic; I used to wrinkle my nose at the very thought. I didn't like it all. Then 5 years ago suddenly things changed when I attended an event run by Gin Club Scotland. To my surprise I liked the gin and discovered it was actually the tonic I didn't like.

Therein, my interest in gin, Scottish gin in particular, began. I felt like Alice In Wonderland, opening a door into a whole new world full of delicious new treasures.

But What To Do With This Interest?
To share the delicious experience with others by attending various events or hired for private functions sounded a good plan. Then how and in what? A vintage horse box, what else! Gintay arrived in late May, with conversion starting immediately – exciting plans were drawn up in huge anticipation... how to layout the interior, fitting all the required elements, some mandatory to meet with regulations was a tricky process as the inside of a horse box is fairly neat.

Saving The Planet
Here at Gintay we use didn't want to use disposable plastic glasses, so when at larger events where we are not able to use reusable glassware, we wanted to find a more sustainable solution. This was where we found NaturePac By EPP. They are able to provide us recylable and compostable glasses.

Our Selected Gins
With the current market of Scottish crafted gins contantly growing, we won't exhaust you with our long list of stock. However, if you have a particular Scottish gin that you require for your event, get in contact with us prior to the event and we will try our best to stock it if we don't already.